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Re: URI for language identifiers Sandro Hawke (Monday, 31 March)

simulation of logic gates: half adder [WOS] Jos De_Roo (Sunday, 30 March)

HTML/XHTML Element/Attribute support C header file (revised) Bjoern Hoehrmann (Sunday, 30 March)

HTML/XHTML Element/Attribute support C header file Bjoern Hoehrmann (Sunday, 30 March)

HTML/XHTML Element/Attribute support table Bjoern Hoehrmann (Sunday, 30 March)

Linking a two style sheets to one document HOOD, BELINDA (Saturday, 29 March)

cwm et Matrix.rdf Karl Dubost (Friday, 28 March)

CA's positioning for WS security architecture Sedukhin, Igor (Friday, 28 March)

cwm: string ? Karl Dubost (Friday, 28 March)

RDF concepts issue Graham Klyne (Friday, 28 March)

OWL DL as triples Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 28 March)

OWL Test WD 31st March Jeremy Carroll (Friday, 28 March)

imported ESW twiki stuff into moinmoin Dan Connolly (Thursday, 27 March)

OWL Test for LC vote Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 26 March)

Markup for testable assertions Martin Gudgin (Wednesday, 26 March)

graph as triples Jeremy Carroll (Wednesday, 26 March)

W.W. Grainger Position Presentation on WS Choreography March 2003 Daniel_Austin@grainger.com (Tuesday, 25 March)

pls tag older faster version of cwm and swap tree Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 25 March)

[Fwd: Information on VIAF] Eric Miller (Tuesday, 25 March)

Re: bug in cwm on Mac os X? (fwd) Tim Berners-Lee (Tuesday, 25 March)

TR automation status Dominique Hazaël-Massieux (Tuesday, 25 March)

Starting work on the glossary project Dominique Hazaël-Massieux (Tuesday, 25 March)

proof representation noodling, cwm, euler Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 25 March)

WS-Choreography presentation Yoko SEKI (Tuesday, 25 March)

rubyrdf alpha test log Libby Miller (Sunday, 23 March)

fwd: [IMC-Tech] Fwd: [ttac02] There's a war on, do you know where your data is? Dan Brickley (Sunday, 23 March)

cvs update WWW/2000/10/swap Jos De_Roo (Saturday, 22 March)

Semantic World - RSS feed? Dan Brickley (Friday, 21 March)

String module deprecated Tim Berners-Lee (Friday, 21 March)

embedding RDF in XHTML Sandro Hawke (Thursday, 20 March)

swap questions Jos De_Roo (Thursday, 20 March)

Presentations Francis McCabe (Wednesday, 19 March)

404 Sandro Hawke (Wednesday, 19 March)

Intalio's position on WS-Choreography Assaf Arkin (Tuesday, 18 March)

[www-archive] <none> Jean-Jacques Dubray (Tuesday, 18 March)

"2003" :hasEasterOnDay ?x; :hasEasterOnMonth ?y Jos De_Roo (Sunday, 16 March)

cwm time:dayOfWeek fencepost bug Dan Connolly (Friday, 14 March)

Choreology input to WS-Choreography ftf Furniss, Peter (Friday, 14 March)

WS-Choreagrphy Chairs presentation Martin Chapman (Friday, 14 March)

SAP Position on Web Services Choreography Liu, Kevin (Thursday, 13 March)

Review of QA Spec guidelines Martin Gudgin (Thursday, 13 March)

finishing SwArch meeting record Dan Connolly (Thursday, 13 March)

Re: Social meaning discussion 6th March Tim Berners-Lee (Wednesday, 12 March)

FW: Request for information: nodeType in SOAP 1.2 Implementations Martin Gudgin (Wednesday, 12 March)

not all that's Web is RESTful, Voice *is different* from HTML Al Gilman (Wednesday, 12 March)

Two minor points on mapping rules Jeremy Carroll (Monday, 10 March)

5 min euler talk presentation material at Semantic Web Architecture Meeting Jos De_Roo (Saturday, 8 March)

Robophoto Dan Connolly (Thursday, 6 March)

TEA SEED CAKE (POWDER) to kill un-wanted fish in shrimp farming(www-archive@w3.org) HSIAO (Saturday, 8 March)

lightning talks Sandro Hawke (Friday, 7 March)

sw languages in lbase Brian McBride (Thursday, 6 March)

ACL Change request Martin Gudgin (Thursday, 6 March)

Uml diagram of message concepts Martin Chapman (Thursday, 6 March)

Diffs between Part 2 and encoding schema Martin Gudgin (Wednesday, 5 March)

Diffs between Part 1 and envelope schema Martin Gudgin (Wednesday, 5 March)

bug in cwm on Mac os X? Libby Miller (Monday, 3 March)

How to get 10,000 free hits per day. Make money for freeeee! Frank (Monday, 3 March)

RE: CVS Mail notifications Martin Gudgin (Monday, 3 March)

How to get 10 000 free hits per day. Make money for free!!! Frank (Saturday, 1 March)

smushing foaf data Dan Connolly (Saturday, 1 March)

a testcase where we had existentials in the conclusion Jos De_Roo (Saturday, 1 March)

Re: CVS Mail notifications Ted Guild (Saturday, 1 March)

Re: just strings, please [was: reagle-01, reagle-02 issues] Jos De_Roo (Saturday, 1 March)

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