FW: Request for information: nodeType in SOAP 1.2 Implementations

Glen, Mark, Paul,

The XMLP WG are very interested in your response to these questions. If
you could provide this information before next Wednesday ( which is when
the XMLP WG have their next telcon meeting ) that would be great!


Martin Gudgin
For the XML Protocol WG

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This is a request from the W3C XMLP WG for information about status of
implementations of nodeType functionality. The WG would like to know
answers to the following questions:

A)	Are you going to implement nodeType?

B1)	If the answer to A) is 'Yes', can you please give a rough idea
of when this feature would be implemented.

B2) 	If the answer to A) is 'No', can you please give a rationale for
why you do not intend to implement this feature?


Martin Gudgin
For the XML Protocol Working Group

Received on Wednesday, 12 March 2003 14:41:01 UTC