finishing SwArch meeting record

SemWeb Arch presenters, please help us
complete the meeting record.


I went over the IRC logs and made links from
agenda items to the relevant parts of the logs,
resulting in...
  $Revision: 1.52 $ of $Date: 2003/03/13 04:24:15 $

A few @@s remain:

-- These issues a reflect @@ expand on issues of best practice,
deployment, future directions @@.

-- Survey of Vocabularies and Applications - Dan Connolly 
logs: 15:27:14. @@hypertext list? subsumed by logs?

TimBL, do you have that list? Maybe we don't need it?

-- Semantic Layering 
      * Pat's pictures @@

Pat H, did you send those to www-archive or something?
I can't find them.

-- A Tale of Two Layerings by Peter F. Patel-Schneider
  (@@archival copy?)

We probably should make an archival copy; the risk
of bell labs stuff going 404 has materialized in
the past.

-- formal meaning meets social context - J. Carroll 
      * flip chart photos/transcriptions?@@

Jeremy, I think the meeting record OK without those.

-- Volz: KOAN query technology @@slides

Raphael? Can we have those slides, please?
(If you already gave them to EricM, sorry to bug you again.)

-- Boley: OO RuleML @@materials


-- Grosof: RuleML working doc @@materials 20030217-outline.html


-- Tabet: RuleML use cases @@materials


-- Carrol: Signing an Ontology @@materials


Hmm... EricM, didn't Liddy Neville project
something at the meeting?

Hmm... I added a bunch of link target anchors,
but you have to view source to see many of them...
we might want to fix that by moving the bulk
of the materials from the Agenda section to
the Records section, leaving a smaller set
of pointers under Agenda. But that's a lot
of work and I'm not likely to find the
energy for it. I might tweak the contents
navbar at the top a bit.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Wednesday, 12 March 2003 23:46:56 UTC