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Sandro Hawke wrote:
> [ taken to www-archive, because I'm so embarassed to be beating this
> dead horse again.   but I really do want to know.... ]

After I hit 'send' I realized that my posting was unclear, sorry.

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> I don't see any URIs defined there.  I see ids defined there.  How do
> you connect the two?

The idea is that each <topic> element in a topic map is a surrogate for
a subject (anything you want to talk about) and that the combination of the
document URI and the IDs 'produces' URIs that are identifiers for the subjects
that are surrogated by the <topic> elements. This is not different from the
way RDF uses the id attribute (if I get it right).


I am by now absolutely convinced that fragment identifiers should be
avoided in URIs that are intended to be used as subject identifiers and
I myself strongly favor URIs such as

that might well be defined in a single huge HTML document so humans
can look up the 'meaning' of the URIs.

But language.xtm and country.xtm are already widely used in the TM world.


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