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hi friends,
this is from cindy from electronic frontier foundation, our good allies.
some good information!

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>Subject: [ttac02] There's a war on, do you know where your data is?
>Hi all,
>With the war declared, it's becoming quite clear that ISPs and other 
>holders and passers of electrons throughout the US (and probably 
>much of the world) are receiving various sorts of subpoenas, court 
>orders and warrants to collect and hold information.  about people 
>involved in the peace movement and other progressive organizing, 
>along with anyone with an Arabic sounding name or ties.
>If this concerns you, or the people you work with, a couple of thoughts:
>1) Are you using encryption when you can?  Are the people who you 
>work with?  Go to www.pgpi.org and download the program and find 
>someone to show you how to use it. It's not that hard and there are 
>plenty of folks on this list and elsewhere who can teach you.  If 
>you use Outlook, I've just been told that there is opportunistic 
>encryption built in if you know how to turn it on.  I'll send an EFF 
>hat to the first person who sends me an explanation of how to do it 
>that my grandfather could understand. I'll also make sure it gets 
>posted online. If you know how to use PGP, target 3 colleagues who 
>need it and teach them. Then use it with them so that they get 
>well-practiced. And don't forget PGPDisk.  No one should cross a 
>border without her hard drive encrypted.  We worked hard to free 
>encryption from governmental censorship and control.  Please use it.
>2) For those of you that administer websites, e-mail systems and 
>similar technologies, what information do you have about your users? 
>Do you need to have it?  Does your website gather IP addresses? 
>Does your e-mail system keep log files? Are you keeping them?  If 
>so, why and for how long? Double checking the settings on your 
>servers and systems.  The techies who write most of those programs 
>set the default to save everything. Do you really need that?  Most 
>good sysadmins are packrats by nature; but now is the time to fight 
>that urge to keep every scrap of data "just in case" someone wants 
>it later.  That someone could be John Ashcroft.
>The US has NO data retention requirements. As long as you implement 
>a system of eliminating records as you go and stick to it, there's 
>no liability for you if the feds come to seize your server and 
>there's nothing on it they can use.  Let's exercise this freedom NOT 
>to gather information for the government while we still have it.
>3) What footprints are you and your colleagues leaving when you 
>travel around the Internet?  Think about using anonymizer.com or 
>similar tool for your surfing.  It's easy.  Anonymizer.com offers a 
>free account to EFF members, but whether you go through us or 
>directly to them or through some other tool.
>I'm proud of the work the peace movement has done so far and the 
>good use it's made of new technologies to assist in organizing, 
>planning, rallying and support. We've been watching the Ashcroftians 
>closely, however, and it's clear that the war on terrorism and the 
>war on Iraq are being used as excuses to spy on the public and to 
>gather extensive dossiers about us. The peace movement is an obvious 
>target for harassment using this information.  Let's not make their 
>job any easier for them.
>And if you hear from law enforcement about your online activities, 
>please don't hesitate to contact us.
>Feel free to forward this message to anyone who you think could 
>benefit from it.
>Take care,
>Cindy A. Cohn                   Cindy@eff.org
>Legal Director                    www.eff.org
>Electronic Frontier Foundation
>454 Shotwell Street
>San Francisco, CA 94110
>Tel:  (415)436-9333 x 108
>Fax: (415) 436-9993

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. 
To change something, build a NEW model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller

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