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"a lot of good graphics that you could read well" Bill Clinton in the current Wired

"at the same time as we 'tell', we should 'illustrate', 'show' and 'demonstrate'."

"Policy" name is obscure

1996 visually impaired people UK

6 words or less

[w3c-wai-eo] <none>

About iconos

articles on web accessibility in GigaFLASH

Aside re sounds

blue balls

business proposal

call 12/15

call me stupid

Change logs: How PWD; Business Case; Site Review

Computer-Based Cognitive Prosthetics



Demographics from Denmark

Disability stats

draft clerk with cognitive disability

Draft for review: How People with Disabilities Use the Web

Dreamweaver 4 checks sites based on WCAG

E-Government Report assessing State/Federal websites

Enabling the disabled (From the current issue of civic.com)

EO Outreach: Canada: Article in Globe and Mail

EO update from Ottawa

EOWG: Additional agenda, 10 November 2000

EOWG: Agenda, 1 December 2000

EOWG: Agenda, 3 November 2000 Meeting

EOWG: Agenda, Friday December 15, 2000

EOWG: Cancelling Friday Dec 22 2000 meeting

EOWG: Meeting this Friday Nov 24 for those who can...

EOWG: Reminder -- NO meeting 8 December 2000

EOWG: Reminder, meeting 17 November 2000

EOWG: Reminder, meeting 3 November 2000

EOWG: some updates to "How PWD Use the Web"

face lift

Fast Facts Part 2: Interesting Links

Fwd: Text and Signatories of University Presidents Letter

General Notes on Training Document

General Notes on Training Document - Reply

Giving the Disabled Increased eAccess

great archery

help re this stupid joke list!

Home page?

Homepage Comment

How PWDs Use Doc

hyperlinks in test site

I was paid $23,625 by a complete stranger! In less than a week...

Images that support stories


Irish I. S. Commission report (fwd)

jelly bean switch

just what is it that....

killing vices

lets shake on it

Macromedia announcement

Meeting this Friday Nov 24 for those who can...

Minutes from 5-6 oct.

Minutes from Oct 13 available

Minutes wai-EO Meeting 2000-09-27 (2)

Minutes WAI-EO Meeting 2000-10-29

More agenda detail [was: New phone bridge for EOWG meeting Friday October 27, 2000]

More demographics

MS Accessibility Guide

New overview of best practices

New phone bridge for EOWG meeting Friday October 27, 2000

Outreach Activities Reported During Meeting

Outreach from Denmark

Outreach update

Outreach Update and soon project?

Outreach: Julie Fletter, AOL

pcpro magazine


PHP coding accessibility

Ranks of Disabled Growing

Read about Design for All (fwd)

Reminder, EO WG meeting Friday October 13, 2000

Reminder, EO WG meeting Friday October 20, 2000

Reminder: UA last call review

RNIB press release: Blind people help motorists get online

Section 508 guidelines likely in January 2001

So, how the heck have you been?

Some UN accessibility interests


The Bush Watch

The Overlooked Labor Force

training pages

Training resource suite updated

Updated 'How PWD Use the Web'

User Agent Assecibility Guidelines

WAI media Conformance?


Widgit & 'Things we do'



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