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At 10:06 AM 11/4/00 +0000, jonathan chetwynd wrote:
>particular I am naturally disappointed that the 'most' accessible page 
>(imho) is relegated to 115/120 113 is also very clear, as are quite a few 

Jonathan is dead spot on. The examples he chose are exactly what we should 
be doing a lot more of, and demonstrate what I meant in recent missives and 
telecons by "self-reflexive" teaching content. The content doesn't just 
*say* what to do: it does it - exemplifies it. "Self-reflexive" means just 
that and the particular example, utilizing graphics, text, animation, and 
sound not only is effective but also sends the message that we are not 
about "dumbing down" the potential of the Web for being 
interesting/entertaining as well as instructive/accessible/usable. The URI 
of the specific curriculum slide, by the way is

Doing this will undoubtedly be more consuming of our time and 
resourcefulness but unless we do it, we will surely fail. This is the 
walk/dance we must walk/dance and has to supplement/replace the current 
practice of just "talking the talk" without "singing the song". The words 
of the old spiritual: "I'm gonna live the life I sing about in my song" are 
applicable to our situation and it's a bullet we just have to bite.


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