Outreach: Julie Fletter, AOL

Debbie Fletter hosted the WAI-User Agent face-to-face at AOL
2000-11-16 through -17.

Debbie Fletter
Director: Accessibility Integrity Assurance
22070 Broderick Drive
Dulles, VA 020166
Phone 703-265-3469
Fax   703-265-2009
email DFletter@aol.com

Debbie is interested in how she can increase accessibility
awareness within AOL.

She is interested in the Education and Outreach working group.
She has a particular interest in training work in EO. I gave her
a brief walk-through. She seems interested in participating.
I pointed her to the registration information:

"For information about joining the EOWG, please read the Charter,
and then fill out and send the information from section 15 of
the charter to Judy Brewer
     <jbrewer@w3.org> "

For the Thursday face to face, Debbie brought in Bijal Shah, a
developer from Netscape, and Scott Totman, a developer from AOL
for part of the working sessions. This UA session was probably
too specialized for someone getting first exposure to WAI work.

Debbie grasped what we were doing and shared some insights. I
believe that Debbie will be an effective channel into AOL to
get further participation, and be able to draw in others.

I noted to her that AOL has many partners, and work that AOL
does to set accessibility requirements may extend to
have a significant influence on those partners as well.

Regards/Harvey Bingham
W3C Web Accessibility Initiative -- Invited Expert

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