lets shake on it

I was searching the site for icons, (letter to follow) and came across this gem.
thanks to Geoff and Chuck, what a lot of work, and really well executed.

I particularly like the attempt to limit need to use a scroll bar.
and the reduced prominence of copyright & authoring details.

I do feel that the list is long and needs a contents page.
The order is not clear, it may follow the guidelines points order, but this appears not to be a natural flow.

In particular I am naturally disappointed that the 'most' accessible page (imho) is relegated to 115/120
113 is also very clear, as are quite a few others.
This type of page should be near the front, it is non-technical and hence very accessible.

The coding needs to be considered, as well as the appearance in determining what is accessible to the intended audience.
i.e. early on the coding must be very easy, The guidelines probably need to follow a different order.

once again thanks, my thoughts are off-the-cuff as usual, and intended to be helpful rather than inflammatory.

jonathan chetwynd

IT teacher (learning difficulty)
& accessibility consultant

Received on Saturday, 4 November 2000 05:10:07 UTC