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1.2 Checkpoint priorities

3.1 wording Re: Comments to AU guidelines

[Fwd: Re Checkpoint 6.3]

accessibility of the installation process

accessible tool


AD:Family Reunion T Shirts & More

advasoft address

agenda additions for today's telecon

Amaya, part 1

Are the guidelines implementable?

AU pages

Authoring Tool Recommendations?

Authoring Tools list

Automatically generating accessibility information

be it resolved?

Bobby non-handling of "*.shtml"

Checkpoint 2.1 wording

Checkpoint 3.3

Checkpoint 3.4

checkpoint 4.2

Checkpoint 6.6 Re: Re Checkpoint 6.3

Checkpoint relating to caching accessibility information

Clarity of Checkpoint 1.3 (& the Proposed Split Thereof)

Comments on Aug 18 working draft, AU guidelines

Comments on Last Call AUGL

Comments to AU guidelines

Comments: Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines

comprehensive list of authoring tools?


Conformance question

Definition for Accessibility Content

Definition for Content, etc

Definition of Document

Dependency information from User Agent group to Authoring Tool group

document natural langauge

does an intranet count [was Re: Introduction]


ER dependencies with authoring tools

first impressions / observations of Allaire's HomeSite 4.0

Fwd: [stds] Microsoft Office 2000 Browser Compatibility White Paper

GJR's (not-so-tentative) regrets

GL 1 intro was Re: Comments to AU guidelines

guideline 1 techniques

guideline 4 intro

Guideline 7 Techniques

heat wave

helpful style sheet editor

Here are the minutes of the July 21st meeting

HTML Editors vs. WYSIWYG Web Authoring Tools (article from Allaire site)

Idea for Guideline 3 or 5


July 28 ER-IG Telecon Conflicts with AU WG Telecon (FWD)

Kynn's Regrets

Kynn's Regrets for 8/11 Conference Call



last call

Last call and beyond...

last call and techniques

Last Call for Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines

Late Kynn

list order

Logical vs. Physical order

Meals Re: Next face to face meeting

meeting agenda

meeting minutes

Meeting process

meeting reminder

Meeting today at 3:30,

Meeting tomorrow

meeting tomorrow (july 7) 3.30 pm

meeting tomorrow - reminder

meeting? agenda? sorry


Minutes available

Minutes from 28 July AU teleconference

Minutes from 7 July AU teleconference

My issue

New Draft

New draft - 25 August

new draft / minutes from 28 july

New draft available

New draft, minutes, ...

new draft, minutes, etc

New guideline?

Next face to face meeting

Next meeting

Next meeting - reminder


Process question

proposal for 7.3

Proposal for Re-Organizing GL5

Proposals for guideline 2

Proposed Rewording of Checkpoint 6.4

Proposed text for the Introduction

Question on Checkpoint 7.1

Re Checkpoint 6.3


Regrets again

Regrets for 22 September teleconf.

Regrets from Dick Brown for 8/4 and 8/18

Regrets from Phill

relationship between guidelines was Re: Scope of configurable settings

reminder - meeting tomorrow

Reordering checkpoints by priority

review of 19990903 draft

Review of Authoring Tools AG WD 19990903

Review of techniques for 4 -- Ensure that no accessibility conten t is missing

Review of techniques for checkpoints 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3

Review of Techniques for Guideline 6

Rewording of Guideline 1 introduction

Rewording of guideline 3 introduction

Rewording of Introduction

Sample techniques for a video editor

Scheduling - last call, proposed recommendation, etc

Scope of configurable settings

Search? New Issue? Re: Comments to AU guidelines


Some comments on AU techniques

Techniques for checkpoint 2.3

Techniques for guideline 2

Techniques for guideline 5.

Techniques Idea: Partially, Minimally, Completely

Teleconference Postponed until next week

The Content issue

The W3C's authoring tool accessibility guidelines

Two more editorial comments, on Aug 25 AU guidelines

UA dependencies in Authoring Tools Guidelines

UA techniques for abbr and acronym

Use of handicapped symbols... (fwd)

wording of Checkpoint 1.2

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