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[LC107]: WS Description WG comments on WS-A (editorial)

Action item for LC101

Action without UsingAddressing

Agenda: 2005-07-18 F2F, Bedford, MA, US

Agenda: 2005-07-18 F2F, Bedford, MA, US [DRAFT]

Agenda: WS-A telcon 2005-07-11

Agenda: WS-A telcon 2005-07-25

AI for LC20

AI for LC20: Revision

AI for more detailed faults.

Closure of LC86

Editorial suggestions for wsa core

Explicit Association of wsa:Action values to an operation's messages

Formal Objection re: Lack of MustUnderstand on EPRs

Implementing SOAP Sessions with WS-Addressing

LC 104 and the abstract info model for EPRs

LC 76 - What makes a msg WS-A?

LC101/LC104 - proposed text

Minutes of the 2005-07-18 F2F

Minutes of the 2005-07-25 teleconference

Proposal for lc87 and lc55

Proposal for XML version independence

PROPOSAL: enhanced Fault information

PROPOSAL: enhanced Fault information - re-revised

Regrets for today's call

Security problem with WS-Addressing

Simplified HTTP Binding

SOAP binding issues

Updated editors drafts available

Updated proposal for lc87 and lc55

Updated proposal for lc87 and lc55 additional introductory text:

Use of FaultTo when propagating WS-A Faults

WSA Core issues


XML 1.1 support in Addressing: arguments, counter-arguments, and consequences

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