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Issue Triage Evan Prodromou (Wednesday, 27 December)

The "Social Web" vs the "Fediverse" Johannes Ernst (Tuesday, 26 December)

Updated objects in inboxes Cristiano Longo (Saturday, 23 December)

No Issue Triage This Week Evan Prodromou (Wednesday, 20 December)

Proposal to add the ActivityPub WordPress extension to the W3C Community site James (Tuesday, 19 December)

ActivityPub Plugin on the W3C Community Group Blog Evan Prodromou (Tuesday, 19 December)

Social Media and Economic Incentivization Systems Adam Sobieski (Monday, 18 December)

Implementing Federation, Part I Marcus Rohrmoser (Friday, 15 December)

Re: SWICG Special Topic Call (Nov : AP/AS2 Errata Issues [via Social Web Incubator Community Group] Evan Prodromou (Saturday, 16 December)

Congratulations! Johannes Ernst (Friday, 15 December)

Fediverse Test Suite -- Developer Platform Survey Johannes Ernst (Thursday, 14 December)

Threads testing federation via ActivityPub Evan Prodromou (Wednesday, 13 December)

Issue Triage Today at 12PM ET Evan Prodromou (Wednesday, 13 December)

socialhub and WC3, admins/mods needed. (Monday, 11 December)

Transitive and IntransitiveActivity Cristiano Longo (Saturday, 9 December)

The OWL file Evan Prodromou (Friday, 8 December)

Event Invitation: SocialWeb CG Call (Dec 15, 2023) Dmitri Zagidulin (W3C Calendar) (Friday, 8 December)

SocialWeb CG Community Meeting 2023-12-08 [via Social Web Incubator Community Group] W3C Community Development Team (Friday, 8 December)

Fediverse testsuite project funded Johannes Ernst (Wednesday, 6 December)

Issue triage Evan Prodromou (Wednesday, 6 December)

Solid and Social CG joint meeting minutes Sarven Capadisli (Tuesday, 5 December)

Upcoming Meetings (SolidCG, Testing, General) Dmitri Zagidulin (Friday, 1 December)

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