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Triples and OWL2 Jan Wielemaker (Friday, 30 January)

[SKOS] LCSH coming back online Thomas Baker (Friday, 30 January)

use of skos:inScheme and rdf:type in SKOS modeling Ed Summers (Thursday, 29 January)

Re: [SKOS] SKOS Reference Editors' Draft for Transition to CR Alistair Miles (Thursday, 29 January)

proposed response to OWL LC documents Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 27 January)

meeting record: 2009-01-27 SemWeb Deployment WG Ralph R. Swick (Tuesday, 27 January)

ISSUE-188: LAST CALL COMMENT: Felix Sasaki I18N comment re japanese scripts SWD Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 27 January)

agenda 27 Jan telecon 1600 UTC Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 27 January)

[SKOS] SKOS usage at eCulture/Europeana Antoine Isaac (Tuesday, 27 January)

telecon 27 Feb Guus Schreiber (Monday, 26 January)

Fwd: [ANN] a Linked Data rendering of the Thesaurus of Graphic Materials Ed Summers (Monday, 26 January)

regrets for Jan 27 Diego Berrueta Muñoz (Sunday, 25 January)

[SKOS] application in indexing and search Johan De Smedt (Friday, 23 January)

meeting record: 2009-01-22 RDFa telecon Ralph R. Swick (Thursday, 22 January)

Request for feedback on SKOS Last Call Working Draft Ralph R. Swick (Tuesday, 20 January)

meeting record: 2009-01-20 SWD WG Ralph R. Swick (Tuesday, 20 January)

[All] Agenda - Jan 20 2009 SWD telecon - 1600 UTC Thomas Baker (Monday, 19 January)

meeting record: 2009-01-13 SemWeb Deployment WG Ralph R. Swick (Tuesday, 13 January)

[SKOS] Request to publish SKOS Primer as Working draft Antoine Isaac (Tuesday, 13 January)

[All] Agenda - Jan 13 2009 SWD telecon - 1600 UTC Thomas Baker (Monday, 12 January)

SKOS deployment stats - data from Sindice RDF crawler Dan Brickley (Saturday, 10 January)

meeting record: 2009-01-08 RDF-in-XHTML TF telecon Ralph R. Swick (Thursday, 8 January)

[SKOS] tools [Fwd: STERNA project and Technology Watch Report] Antoine Isaac (Thursday, 8 January)

Transition Request: SKOS to Candidate Recommendation Ralph R. Swick (Wednesday, 7 January)

minutes of 2009-01-06 telcon Alistair Miles (Wednesday, 7 January)

status of RDFa in W3C Recommendations Ralph R. Swick (Tuesday, 6 January)

[ALL] agenda 6 Jan telecon 1600 UTC Guus Schreiber (Monday, 5 January)

[SKOS] Comments on SKOS Primer Thomas Baker (Monday, 5 January)

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