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Updates to the Use Case consolidation work Jeremy Tandy (Friday, 31 July)

Use cases with discovery of related information via 'back-links' Jeremy Tandy (Thursday, 30 July)

[minutes] 2015-07-29 Phil Archer (Wednesday, 29 July)

Berlin workshop: referencing authoritative location data Phil Archer (Wednesday, 29 July)

[sdwwg] agenda for meeting tomorrow Kerry Taylor (Tuesday, 28 July)

Apologies for the next five weeks Svensson, Lars (Friday, 24 July)

Should we pay more attention to SVG? Frans Knibbe (Friday, 24 July)

GeoDCAT-AP overview and open issues Andrea Perego (Thursday, 23 July)

[Minutes] 2015-07-22 Phil Archer (Wednesday, 22 July)

Suggestion for a first test Best Practice Frans Knibbe (Wednesday, 22 July)

Likely regrets (was: [sdwwg] meeting tomorrow) Andrea Perego (Wednesday, 22 July)

RFC 5870 - A Uniform Resource Identifier for Geographic Locations ('geo' URI) (Wednesday, 22 July)

OGC TC Release of SDWWG UCR Document as Public Discussion Paper Joshua Lieberman (Tuesday, 21 July)

[sdwwg] meeting tomorrow Kerry Taylor (Tuesday, 21 July)

requirments by deliverable Frans Knibbe (Monday, 20 July)

[Minutes] 2015-07-15 Phil Archer (Monday, 20 July)

[Minutes] 2017-07-15 Ed Parsons (Wednesday, 15 July)

regrets for the meeting tonight from me Kerry Taylor (Wednesday, 15 July)

Use case consolidation Jeremy Tandy (Tuesday, 14 July)

SDWWG Next Meeting Ed Parsons (Tuesday, 14 July)

GeoDCAT-AP: Call for public review Andrea Perego (Monday, 13 July)

AGU 2015 session IN045: Semantics for the Discovery, Access, and Integration of Geoscience Data Andrea Perego (Thursday, 9 July)

Re: Use of the word 'standard' in the UCR document. Frans Knibbe (Thursday, 9 July)

Default CRS requirement Frans Knibbe (Thursday, 9 July)

[Minutes] 2015-07-08 Phil Archer (Wednesday, 8 July)

[sdwwg] agenda for meeting Wednesday 8 July Kerry Taylor (Tuesday, 7 July)

Regrets 2015-07-07 Andreas Harth (Tuesday, 7 July)

Getting started with Best Practice document Jeremy Tandy (Tuesday, 7 July)

RE: [SDWWG] CRS Issues Svensson, Lars (Thursday, 2 July)

Regrets Linda van den Brink (Thursday, 2 July)

CRS Issues Ed Parsons (Wednesday, 1 July)

late regret Antoine Zimmermann (Wednesday, 1 July)

[Minutes] 2017-07-01 Phil Archer (Wednesday, 1 July)

apologies for today's call Bill Roberts (Wednesday, 1 July)

Late regrets (was: Re: [SDWWG] SDWWG Next Meeting) Andrea Perego (Wednesday, 1 July)

Re: the Best Practices skeleton Thiago José Tavares Ávila (Wednesday, 1 July)

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