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0.6.5b2 tarball?

0_6_0 results layout problems

[check] preparing 0.6.5b2

[check] ready for beta 3?

[checklink] Preparing for 3.9.3

[checklink] release - wrapping up

[DRAFT] ann message for checklink release 3.9.2

[markup validator] source quoting i18n bug?

[meeting] 2004-04-20 confirmed

[meeting] agenda+ libcroco - 2004-04-06

[meeting] extra Action Item - 2004-04-20

[meeting] Notes and log - 2004-04-06

[meeting] Notes and log - 2004-04-20

[meeting] rescheduling 2004-05-04?

[meeting] schedule and tentative agenda - 2004-04-06

[meeting] schedule clarification - 2004-04-06

BleedValidator in WinIE

bugzilla - minor modifications

checklink: need dummy config file on v.w.o

Compared (recent) :8001 and :80 traffic

css validator on

header/footer version info

How to make verbosemsg.cfg more useful

installed cvs-syncmail

Link checker robot code - probably tonight

Link Checker: CVS HEAD @ qa-dev

Meeting next week (?) + schedule change

new host server for w.v.o

Validator(s)' Test suite - requirements (thoughts)

validator/htdocs footer.html,,

Xml Report broken

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