Re: [meeting] agenda+ libcroco - 2004-04-06

Salut Dodji,

On Apr 5, 2004, at 18:19, wrote:
> Sorry for my silence.

No problem, I hope my remark did not seem harsh, it would be perfectly 
fine if you didn't have time to work on it, and it's even better if you 
did! :)

> I went forward in the plan we defined.
> Now, libcroco provides parsing location (line/col/byte offset) for all
> the CSS language constructions available at the SAC level.
> I haven't started to work on the structured error reporting 
> architecture yet.
> You still can start testing the library.

Thanks. I guess we'll spend a little time during the meeting discussing 
how we should go forward w.r.t this. I don't think we should spend too 
long on the topic, though.

You're obviously most welcome to join the meeting.


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