new host server for w.v.o


The W3C systems Team has prepared a new box for A 
nice hefty dual processor. The system is installed and some files were 
copied from the existing host (not all, yet, e.g not /home).

I installed checklink, but check seems to dislike this new host. 
onsgmls is the well-known "1.5pre8" yet check behaves as if it were an 
outdated version ("invalid, no error"). could be related to perl on 
this new box (v5.8.3, versus 5.6.1 on the old one). That said it's the 
same perl as qa-dev and I haven't seen any issue there. so...

I may give it another try later, in the meantime, ideas welcome.


Received on Monday, 5 April 2004 22:39:51 UTC