Meeting next week (?) + schedule change

Hi all,

Yan, whom I am copying in this mail, dropped by IRC today and we had an 
interesting discussion about a few things he had been working on, 
taking as a base our HEAD Markup Validator. Yan would certainly be 
better at explaining his work, but I'll try to summarize...

He used the templates to create a FR_CA version of the Validator, also 
modularized it to some extent, made it work with mod_perl on apache2, 
and also played with php to create a dual "W3C-like"/"grouped error" 
validation output.

I was thinking maybe we could have a meeting next tuesday to discuss 
that all together, and Bjoern suggested we switch our IRC meeting 
rhythm to "every 2 weeks" instead of our current monthly rate.

However, Bjoern will have, in the foreseeable future, time constraints 
that would not allow him to join IRC at our regular time.

Hence a few questions:
- Would you be available for a discussion on IRC next week?
[ ] NO  [ ] YES
- Would you like our meetings to be every 2 weeks?
[ ] NO  [ ] YES
- Would you like our meetings to start 30 minutes later than now?
[ ] NO  [ ] YES  [ ] Can live with
- Would you prefer same time, another day?
[ ] NO [ ] YES : [   day(s)  ]
- Somebody (in my IRC logs) suggested sunday PM / monday AM.
How about 16:30 MTL, 22:30 Paris, 23:30 Helsinki, 05:30 Tokyo?
[ ] NO [ ] YES [ ] Can live with

I know, I should be creating a WBS questionnaire for that, but you'd 
all need (public) web accounts for Which would actually be a 
good idea, but we'll address that later.

As usual, reply to the list or to me, as you like.


Received on Friday, 16 April 2004 08:43:20 UTC