Re: [meeting] schedule and tentative agenda - 2004-04-06


Sorry for my silence.

I went forward in the plan we defined.
Now, libcroco provides parsing location (line/col/byte offset) for all
the CSS language constructions available at the SAC level.
I haven't started to work on the structured error reporting 
architecture yet.

You still can start testing the library.

I use GNU ARCH as source control management in development mode.
The GNOME CVS is just a stable repository where a merge code from the 
GNU arch
repository from time to time.

To know how to access the public GNU ARCH source archive of libcroco 
you can
read .



Selon olivier Thereaux <>:

> Hello,
> Reminder: We're having our regular IRC meeting tomorrow.
> Venue: #validator on freenode
> Time: 17:00 CET (18:00 EET)
> year=2004&month=4&day=6&hour=15&min=0&sec=0
> Agenda:
> I haven't seen news from Dodji yet, so I assume he did not have time to
> implement what we discussed last meeting. I'm therefore tempted by the
> following agenda:
> * Checklink:
>   - lessons learned from release
>   - making checklink (tool) and checklink (service on behave
> nicely
>   - what next
> * Markup Validator:
>   - Scheduling beta + release - now?
>   - the cataloguing issue
>   - what's next
> OK for 1h30, everyone? or do you think we'll need 2h? Also, please
> suggest agenda items if you think I missed anything.
> -- 
> olivier

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