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Bjoern Hoehrmann <> wrote:

>I am not sure why all these messages are included there,
>it is most unlikely that that our users will ever see a message like

They are there because when we started out we had _zero_ explanations and
needed a good list of possibles to start from. That file is automatically
generated from OpenSP source, so it is canonical in a sense.

>I neither really understand why there is the same "Help Wanted!" text
>over and over and over again

It was a tradeoff. By embedding the Help Wanted text into the Perl code you
make future developments in the file format/features and l10n more difficult;
and locks us in to the specific HTML format used in the message.

I'm not sure the tradeoff fell down on the "right" side (but neither am I
convinced it's "wrong" today!).

All work on the file format should take into account Flexibility, i18n, and
what effect it has on forward and backward compatibility between versions. Not
that that would prevent the things you've suggested here, but...

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