Re: [checklink] Preparing for 3.9.3

On Thu, 2004-04-15 at 10:44, olivier Thereaux wrote:
> Ville,
> On Apr 15, 2004, at 02:11, Ville Skyttä wrote:
> > I believe it's soon time to release Link Checker 3.9.3.
> Great!
> Are you planning a short beta test soon? I haven't had time to test it 
> yet, but I went through the diff and things look good. I will try to 
> play with it within a few days, tell me how you'd like to schedule the 
> next steps.

I'll try to get the robots-text-is-screaming-red-403 issue fixed in the
weekend, after that we could do a quick beta test.  But nothing prevents
from testing already now, because about all the real functional changes
for 3.9.3 are already in as far as I'm concerned.

The status of libwww-perl needs attention though, I believe the link
checker $TNV *could* in theory work with the 5.64 on v.w.o, 5.66+ is
needed for command line use.  But perhaps the upgrade to 5.79 would not
be a bad idea.

I've notified the Debian libwww-perl maintainer about the 5.76 file:
redirect issue, perhaps there will be an updated .deb available soon. 
Fedora Core 2 will most likely include 5.79 (it's in Rawhide now).

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