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olivier Thereaux <> wrote:

>I asked myself similar questions when working on the beta2 recently. I
>think the current (annoying, perhaps) display of "can you find a better
>explanation" could be made less visible when we move to release. In the
>meantime, if seeing it motivates people to contribute more explanation
>messages, good for us and them.

The current "Help Wanted" blurb was always intended to only be there for the
Beta. For production the intent was to either remove it completely or tone it
down to one short sentence/link.

>As for the format, I (as main editor of the messages, at least recently)
>would also be happier with a simpler design for the file.

The format of the file is what Config::General uses, and is supposed to be
reminiscent of Apache config file syntax. Using a homebrew config parser is
not an option as far as I'm concerned (BTDT), and since we need
Config::General for the other config files it makes little sense to have a
custom parser for just the verbose messages resource file.

However, the Config::General syntax is very flexible so it may well be that we
can do what you want even within those confines.

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