Re: new host server for w.v.o

Selon olivier Thereaux <>:

>   Bjoern yesterday helped me find the reason for that...
> It seems that perl -T does not like our usage of IPC::Open3 in the :80 
> instance.
> Apparently -T has become even more paranoid with version 5.8 and we're 
> not the only ones to have had such an issue.

I have also been bitten by this on Debian a few months ago -- when Perl was 
updated to 5.8, the packaged version of the validator stopped working. I
looked into the problem and came to the same conclusion -- and noticed 
afterwards that Terje already knew about this and, if I am not mistaken, had 
already commited a (short) fix to the CVS, which I backported to the Debian 
package. The backport is easy, in case you are thinking of applying it on
the current released version so that it runs on the new machine.

While I'm here, I just wanted to say that I plan to make a separate Debian
package for the linkchecker, based on the standalone version, but I have had
some problems with my computers lately (read: they got stolen) and haven't
been able to do anything. Hopefully, this will be done quite soon so that
the new separate package will be included in the upcoming Sarge release.


Received on Tuesday, 6 April 2004 22:11:42 UTC