How to make verbosemsg.cfg more useful


  I wondered whether I can include verbosemsg.cfg into my toolbar and
tried to review it. That's basically not possible without prior
pre-processing. I am not sure why all these messages are included there,
it is most unlikely that that our users will ever see a message like

  character number %1 cannot be assigned to LCNMCHAR,

I neither really understand why there is the same "Help Wanted!" text
over and over and over again, or why this is stored in such a odd
format. Maybe this saves a few lines of code... Can we change this to
an XML format and only include the messages that actually have code?
We could use

  <message num = '0815'>

to easy processing, but all this "Help Wanted!" should be inferred from
check, not hardcoded, and I guess we can still parse the format using
regular expressions if we follow some rules for the content. Maybe this
"Help Wanted!" stuff is really the wrong approach, maybe we should
maintain this stuff in the Wiki and point to the wiki for people who
want to help. This would of course need some moderation...


Received on Thursday, 15 April 2004 14:11:21 UTC