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'do not track' list?

Agenda for Social Web XG Meeting Sept 15th: Aza Raskin on Privacy Icons

anonymous or no?

Article from the Wall Street Journal of 3rd August

Black Hat: Most browsers can be made to give up personal data

Browsers' private modes leak info, say researchers - Computerworld

Cookies - Raising Awareness

Draft: Privacy Workshop Report

EFF story on court ruling on GPS tracking

Facebook Like's and opting-out

Facebook Places => Robbery

Feedback solicited for Privacy and Identity Management Terminology

foursquare - Some notes on foursquare and location sharing

Fwd: Draft: Privacy Workshop Report

Fwd: New Non-WG Mailing List: ietf-privacy -- Internet Privacy Discussion List

Hong Kong e-payment firm admits selling customer data

html5 local storage

IIW London

Location in the news

Location services and age limit Re: Location in the news

More privacy icons efforts

New 3rd Circuit Case on Expectation of Geolocation Privacy

NSTIC: A Public Privacy Issue

Privacy and data usage control - W3C Workshop

Privacy bills in the U.S. Congress

Privacy policy changes notifications (was: foursquare - Some notes on foursquare and location sharing)

Privacy software: Who are the early leaders?

Privacy workshop: Draft minutes available.

Thanks for joining the W3C privacy workshop last week!

today's change in integrated facebook apps

Towards best practices for privacy in APIs

Updates to Privacy Workshop Report

W3C Workshop Agreement?

Web Photo - a stalker's source of information

Workshop report available

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