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Putting it another way, I think we can all think of benefits from geolocation technology -- from the mundane 'I am lost; where am I?' and 'Where is the nearest ATM?' through to 'Where is my phone?' and the important support for e911 (that emergency services could determine your location if you call an emergency number, even if you cannot tell them where you are).

What are the privacy problems that can result from geolocation services, and specifically (since you brought it up) what are the child-specific privacy problems?  Only when we understand the problems and the valid uses will we be able to design anything.

We can spark conversation with one that has already caused much debate: should parents/guardians/family-members be able to track the location of a child's phone, remotely?  Or do children have the same expectation of privacy of location as anyone else?

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(I suspect you all have heard of the recent location hack, but here is a story <> in case you have not.)

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