foursquare - Some notes on foursquare and location sharing

FourSquare updates its policy with regards to data sharing.
Something that could be needed in a UI/API is a notification system to at least inform that things have changed with regards to a policy.

On Thu, 19 Aug 2010 04:25:11 GMT
In foursquare - Some notes on foursquare and location sharing

We’re always looking for ways to give our users 
more control over the data they share through 
foursquare. We’ve been thinking about how to 
improve the User Settings page for a while, so 
we’ve made some changes to the controls you can 
use to adjust the way you share information with 
foursquare. For example, you can now choose to 
share your email or phone number with friends, opt 
out of all Mayorships, and have more control over 
email settings. We invite you to check out your 
updated settings page to review some of the tweaks 
we’ve made. 

It seems that a lot of concerns over information 
sharing on location-based services arise from 
confusion over what is shared and where it’s 
shared, so we’ve put together an explanation of 
the different ways foursquare uses and shares 
location information. You can see this overview 

We’ve also put together a detailed grid that shows 
exactly which information is public vs. private 
and what options foursquare gives you to control 
the way you share your information. You can view 
this grid here:

We encourage anyone who uses location-based 
services and social networking sites to educate 
themselves about how their information is shared 
and to familiarize themselves with the user 
settings available on each site. In addition to 
the links above, you may also want to review our 
formal Privacy Policy and the Privacy FAQs on our 

Karl Dubost
Montréal, QC, Canada

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