Privacy policy changes notifications (was: foursquare - Some notes on foursquare and location sharing)

Le jeudi 19 août 2010 à 00:26 -0400, Karl Dubost a écrit :
> FourSquare updates its policy with regards to data sharing.
> Something that could be needed in a UI/API is a notification system to
> at least inform that things have changed with regards to a policy.

Yeah, I had thought about submitting a similar idea in the position
paper I never wrote for the workshop :)

The idea was that Web sites would use a special link to their privacy
policy (e.g. <link rel="privacy">), and would use a well-defined
mechanism to signal changes on that specific page, e.g.:
* Last-Modified or E-Tag HTTP header
* RSS/Atom feed

A browser or an extension could then offer to notify the user when a
service where she's logged in or she's about to log in had modified its
privacy policy.

The TOSBack Web site that was mentioned at the workshop is pretty close
to that idea: but does this
out-of-band, rather than through Web sites cooperating with the browser.


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