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Exceptions to a label's normal rules Alan Chuter (Tuesday, 29 April)

POWDER Formalisms 2 - this time with promised addendum Phil Archer (Friday, 25 April)

POWDER formalisms Phil Archer (Friday, 25 April)

XSLT for port splitting Smith, Kevin, VF-Group (Wednesday, 23 April)

XML question Phil Archer (Wednesday, 23 April)

The 'missing protocol part'? Phil Archer (Wednesday, 23 April)

In support of draft-nottingham-http-link-header-01 Phil Archer (Tuesday, 22 April)

Another semantics question Phil Archer (Tuesday, 22 April)

XSLT question Phil Archer (Monday, 21 April)

Re: Comments on new version of primer Alan Chuter (Monday, 14 April)

IRI set tester Phil Archer (Monday, 14 April)

RE: ァ2.1.3 IRI/URI Canonicalization does not address IRIs with IDNs Martin Duerst (Thursday, 10 April)

Re: §2.1.3 IRI/URI Canonicalization does not address IRIs with IDNs Phil Archer (Wednesday, 9 April)

HTTP Link discussion Phil Archer (Tuesday, 8 April)

Formalisation of OWL semantics (was Re: String Matching -> Reg Ex is not always easy) Phil Archer (Monday, 7 April)

Re: New version of primer Phil Archer (Monday, 7 April)

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