Re: ァ2.1.3 IRI/URI Canonicalization does not address IRIs with IDNs

Martin Duerst wrote:
> At 15:00 08/04/10, Felix Sasaki wrote:
>> Hi Phil,
>> I was looking into this section in your attachment:
>> [
>> Internationalized Domain Names
>>    * Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) should be converted from Punycode [RFC3492] into their UTF-8 string representations. So that, for example:
>>      becomes
>>      http://www.ex蚓
>> ]
>> If you have
>> It is not possible to decide whether it should become
>> http://www.ex蚓
>> or
>> http://www.ex蚓ple゜.org/
>> since "ss" in the Punycode string could have been originally "ss" or "゜".
> Not exactly. IDNA defines a toASCII operation and a toUNICODE operation.
> The toUNICODE operation is well-defined, and produces "ss" in the above
> case.

many thanks for the clarification, Martin. What I wanted to say is that
in the above case you don't know what xn--exmpless-jua was generated
from, a string with ss or Eszett.


> What may be more of a complication is that the new proposals for the
> revision of the IDNA spec (IDNAbis) are proposing to move the mapping
> step out of the protocol definition. This at least leads to less
> certainity; I'm not sure how exactly it would affect POWDER.

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