Report on Beijing

Phil had asked about China and the WWW2008 conference.

Yes, there is something to report.
I gave a short presentation on POWDER.  
It went fine, people seemed interested, there were few questions.

However, one point came up in several conversations with several people
- that of security.

Basically I was asked:  

      How do you ensure that the DR which has been written does in fact
come from that person or entity?

I believe we had, a long time ago, discussed digital signatures, but
wasn't sure what had come of all that.

Question to the group:  Will we deal with that? And if yes, how?

The easy way out would be to say no, trust is up to the user and we
won't bother, but I was struck by how this point came up several times
independently, thus I think it is not something to be brushed aside.

-- Kai


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