Re: XSLT question

My suggestion in this, and similar, situations is to never try to get
smart with the XSLT transforms, because that's an unnecessary complexity
that is, sooner or late, going to come back and bite us. Gratuitous
unions and intersections do no harm, and make it easier to validate the
XSLT as there are fewer cases and combinations to check.

A human directly writing in POWDER-S is welcome to optimize it, we never
promised that it can get transformed into POWDER/XML anyway. 


On Mon Apr 21 12:50:28 2008 Phil Archer said:

> I guess this is mostly for Kevin but anyone's free to chime in ;-)
> [...]
> Assuming this is right, here's the question - can the XSLT work out  
> whether or not the unionOf is necessary so that where there is only one  
> IRI set (i.e. 99% of the time) it can drop the unionOf properties? Or  
> will we often have a union of 1? The same goes for the IRI sets  
> themselves where in many examples we have intersections of a single  
> property restriction.
> Basically I guess it's a trade-off between processing complexity and  
> redundant data. So which wins? (and remember, it's 12st April already...)
> Phil.

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