Exceptions to a label's normal rules

Phil and I have been discussing how to define a label in RDF/OWL and I
think it is time to ask for help from the group. I have defined a
label that defines compliance with a set of rules derived from WCAG
1.0 checkpoints. That is the normal case, but occasionally we may need
to create label that states that a resource complies with everything
*except* one or two checkpoints.

Phil suggests:
...if you want to have a ready-made label that has several checkpoints
except others then the vocab file could include, say:

<owl:Class rdf:about="&tswcag10;A">
     <rdfs:label xml:lang="en">Technosite Label WCAG 1.0 Level A</rdfs:label>
     <owl:intersectionOf rdf:parseType="Collection">
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp1.1_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp1.2_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp1.3_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp1.4_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp2.1_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp4.1_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp5.1_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp5.2_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp6.1_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp6.2_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp6.3_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp7.1_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp9.1_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp11.4_compliance" />
     <owl:complementOf rdf:parseType="Collection">
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp12.1_compliance" />
       <owl:Class rdf:about="#cp14.1_compliance" />

As you'll recognize this specifically excludes checkpoints 12.1 and 14.1.

Alan says: But I this means creating a new label for each case, in
OWL. Is there no way to simply say *in the label* that some of the
rules are not complied with?


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Received on Tuesday, 29 April 2008 12:41:10 UTC