Re: single include/exclude pair in vanilla POWDER/XML and POWDER-S

OK this looks promising. Andrea and Kevin - can you help Stasinos out on 
this? As always, re-using someone else's work is good so if we can use 
the XPath functions, great - but can we get this sorted PDQ?


Stasinos Konstantopoulos wrote:
> On Mon Apr  7 20:33:51 2008 Phil Archer said:
>> As for the ISAN example and the lack of support for value extraction in 
>> XML regular expressions, we said way back that we'd use XML patterns _as 
>> modified by_ XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Functions and Operators [5] but I 
>> don't think even this allows for what we'd need here. But I don't think 
>> it matters... it's up to the extension author to define the regular 
>> expression, and in the case of ISAN, it would just be a case of matching 
>> a portion of the number - I wouldn't worry too much about this.
> I looked into XQ and XP a bit, and their operators do all POWDER needs
> to reduce everything into XML facets (patterns and numerical
> restrictions); it would be really easy to get rid of hasPort and
> hasIP using the XQ/XP operators. It would allow to give example
> extensions to handle ISAN and ISBN ranges and a whole bunch of nice
> human-readability and usability extensions without touching the
> underlying semantics. But I'll need some help from fellow POWDERites:
> I need a sample XML fragment saying:
> "this is a new XML type. things that are of of this type, obey facet
> restrictions so-and-so, after applying XSLT so-and-so to the original
> thing."
> s

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