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UC: Evolving people/project information Andy Seaborne (Sunday, 30 September)

ldp-ISSUE-8 (Removing Profile): Better define or just not use the "Basic profile" terminology [Linked Data Platform core] LDP (Friday, 28 September)

Adressing more error cases ? Olivier Berger (Friday, 28 September)

Explaining the "semantics" of the HTTP methods Olivier Berger (Friday, 28 September)

Agenda for October 1, 2012 Arnaud Le Hors (Friday, 28 September)

TPAC Lyon meeting for WebID, RWW & Social Web community groups Henry Story (Wednesday, 26 September)

ldp-ISSUE-7 (Container operations): What operations are permittered on conatiners and how do they get invoked? [Linked Data Platform core] LDP (Tuesday, 25 September)

Fwd: W3C LDP UC&R schedule (Monday, 24 September)

W3C LDP UC&R schedule Steve K Speicher (Monday, 24 September)

Draft minutes of September 24, 2012 Arnaud Le Hors (Monday, 24 September)

ISSUE-6 test Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 24 September)

Operations on containers Andy Seaborne (Monday, 24 September)

TPAC RWW & WebID - room problem resolved Henry Story (Saturday, 22 September)

TPAC Plenary Wednesday - rww/ldp & webid Henry Story (Friday, 21 September)

ldp-ISSUE-6 (User-defined simple types): Should LDBP say that any kind of user-defined simple data type is disallowed? [Linked Data Platform core] LDP (Thursday, 20 September)

ldp-ISSUE-5 (Relation/Alignment with GSP): Add a section explaining how LDBP is related to GSP [Linked Data Platform core] LDP (Thursday, 20 September)

ldp-ISSUE-4 (XSD simple type URIs): Are the XSD simple types indeed identified by the URIs listed in section 4.1.9 [Linked Data Platform core] LDP (Thursday, 20 September)

RE: TPAC 2012 - looking for sponsors for RWW & WebID Community Groups Emmanuel Dreux (Thursday, 20 September)

TPAC Plenary Session Henry Story (Thursday, 20 September)

Re: Seems like LDP should have a presence on W3C's general "LINKED DATA" page Michael Hausenblas (Thursday, 20 September)

Seems like LDP should have a presence on W3C's general "LINKED DATA" page Steve K Speicher (Thursday, 20 September)

Controlling datatypes Andy Seaborne (Thursday, 20 September)

ldp-ISSUE-3 (BPC Versioning): Do BPC versions get managed in a systematic, discoverable way? LDP (Thursday, 20 September)

ldp-ISSUE-2 (BPR versioning): Do BPR versions get managed in a systematic, discoverable way? [Linked Data Platform core] LDP (Thursday, 20 September)

ACTION-12: Define Turtle as the required serialization format for LDP -- COMPLETED Steve K Speicher (Wednesday, 19 September)

ACTION-10: First Editor's Draft is available! Steve K Speicher (Wednesday, 19 September)

Minutes of 2012-09-17 meeting John Arwe (Monday, 17 September)

Registering for F2F1 Sandro Hawke (Monday, 17 September)

ACTION-4: Review SPARQL Graph Store Protocol and suggest how we should move forward with it Steve K Speicher (Monday, 17 September)

9/17 LDP WG meeting agenda available Erik Wilde (Thursday, 13 September)

ACTION-11: Define a timeline for working on the editor's draft and the FPWD Erik Wilde (Thursday, 13 September)

Turtle Review Gavin Carothers (Monday, 10 September)

Minutes of 2012-09-10 meeting Michael Hausenblas (Monday, 10 September)

LDP user story: sharing binary resources and metadata Henry Story (Monday, 10 September)

regrets for September 10, 2012 Ruben Verborgh (Monday, 10 September)

agenda for next monday's LDP WG meeting Erik Wilde (Thursday, 6 September)

Proposed Use Case 1: Retrieve RDF representation of a BPR Steve Battle (Monday, 3 September)

Published in IEEE Internet Computing : "ArRESTed Development: Guidelines for Designing REST Frameworks" Olivier Berger (Monday, 3 September)

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