LDP user story: sharing binary resources and metadata

Here is my proposal for a use case relating to sharing binary resources:

Very often we need to publish both resources and the metadata that goes with them. Or inversely the data we publish contains links to binary resources such as pictures, videos, or other less data oriented documents (works of literature, legal documents, etc...) For the data publishing to be complete, the binary resources need to be published with the data. Even when the binary resources are the primary concern of publication, the metadata that puts it in context is just as essential: when publishing a picture of space we need to know which telescope took the picture, which part of the sky it was pointing at, what filters were used, which identified stars are visible, etc... For more personal resources we want to know who appears in the picture, where it was taken, and who can see it. One may for example want to allow the access control rules to be edited by the people who appear in the picture. As such the linked data platform needs to make it possible to publish data and binary resources.

Does that make a good user story/use case?


Social Web Architect

Received on Monday, 10 September 2012 13:40:53 UTC