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9/17 LDP WG meeting agenda available

ACTION-10: First Editor's Draft is available!

ACTION-11: Define a timeline for working on the editor's draft and the FPWD

ACTION-12: Define Turtle as the required serialization format for LDP -- COMPLETED

ACTION-4: Review SPARQL Graph Store Protocol and suggest how we should move forward with it

Adressing more error cases ?

agenda for next monday

agenda for next monday's LDP WG meeting

Agenda for October 1, 2012

Betr: regrets for September 10, 2012

Controlling datatypes

Draft minutes of September 24, 2012

Explaining the "semantics" of the HTTP methods

Fwd: W3C LDP UC&R schedule

ISSUE-6 test

LDP user story: sharing binary resources and metadata

ldp-ISSUE-2 (BPR versioning): Do BPR versions get managed in a systematic, discoverable way? [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-3 (BPC Versioning): Do BPC versions get managed in a systematic, discoverable way?

ldp-ISSUE-4 (XSD simple type URIs): Are the XSD simple types indeed identified by the URIs listed in section 4.1.9 [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-5 (Relation/Alignment with GSP): Add a section explaining how LDBP is related to GSP [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-6 (User-defined simple types): Should LDBP say that any kind of user-defined simple data type is disallowed? [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-7 (Container operations): What operations are permittered on conatiners and how do they get invoked? [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-8 (Removing Profile): Better define or just not use the "Basic profile" terminology [Linked Data Platform core]

Minutes of 2012-09-10 meeting

Minutes of 2012-09-17 meeting

Multiple representations of the same resource without content negotiation

Operations on containers

Proposed Use Case 1: Retrieve RDF representation of a BPR

Published in IEEE Internet Computing : "ArRESTed Development: Guidelines for Designing REST Frameworks"

Registering for F2F1

regrets for September 10, 2012

Re : Betr: regrets for September 10, 2012

Seems like LDP should have a presence on W3C's general "LINKED DATA" page

TPAC 2012 - looking for sponsors for RWW & WebID Community Groups

TPAC Lyon meeting for WebID, RWW & Social Web community groups

TPAC Plenary Session

TPAC Plenary Wednesday - rww/ldp & webid

TPAC RWW & WebID - room problem resolved

Turtle Review

UC: Evolving people/project information

W3C LDP UC&R schedule

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