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"Hosting POSTed resources" user-story

ACTION-33 complete

Aggregation - delegating to RDF and using PATCH.

Aggregation: simple proposal

closed ISSUE-40: creating/deleting/changing non RDF resources

Closing ISSUE-5: Add a section explaining how LDBP is related to Graph Store Protocol

Container membership alternative approach ACTION-27

container/member models

Data Sharing

first stab at ACTION-32

first stab at ACTION-40

I added some comments to the wiki page for ISSUE-37

initial draft of "URI Template Descriptions"

interaction with a bug-tracker LDP service

introduction and regrets




LDP Agenda for December 10 2012

LDP Agenda for December 17, 2012, with a list of issues to be closed

LDP Minutes for December 17, 2012

LDP Minutes of 10 December 2012

LDP Test suite

ldp-ISSUE-11 (Server-managed properties): Do we need to define server-managed properties or do we leave them to applications? [Linked Data Platform core]

ldp-ISSUE-41 (Member Attachments): Standard way to manage members with attachments

ldp-ISSUE-9 (Properties in BPR representations): Should properties used in BPR representations be BPRs? [Linked Data Platform core]

LDPR binaries in spec

Minutes of LDP telecon of 3 December 2012

Open Issues against UC&R

query your API

regrets for Mon 12/3

ReSpec'ing of Use Case and Requirements document

UC&R acknowledgements

URI Template Descriptions draft now available

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