Aggregation: simple proposal

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Since Andy started a mail on aggregation just, 
( )
I'll put forward a default suggestion that can work with 
the notion of strict containership of collections we have 
settled with at TPAC2012.

1. Create a aggregation container

POST your weak container to your LDPC

<> primaryTopic <#cnt> .

<#cnt> a WeakContainer;
   :contains <>,
          <localRes> .

This creates a resource named say <resourceC> which defined
<resourceC#cnt> .

2. Delete your container

send an HTTP delete message

 DELETE resourceC HTTP/1.1

or change the container as below by removing the <#cnt> from <resourceC>

3. Change your container

Say you want to remove <> from <resourceC#cnt>
then just 

PUT resourceC HTTP/1.1

<> primaryTopic <#cnt> .

<#cnt> a WeakContainer;
   :contains <localRes> .

4 Optimisations

Define a Patch method to make it efficient to make changes.

Using SPARQL - just as an example - one could 

DELETE { <#cnt> :contains <> }

Since one does not use lists, this is really easy.
In any case it is clear that PATCH is an optimisation issue.


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