Regrets reminder Re: Agenda for 2012-01-11

With regrets, I won't be able to attend this morning due to tending to a 
personal matter.
My regrets for next week also, as I'll be engaged in presenting to some 
potential customers.

John M. Boyer, Ph.D.
Distinguished Engineer, IBM Forms and Smarter Web Applications
IBM Canada Software Lab, Victoria

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From:   "Leigh L. Klotz, Jr." <>
Date:   10/01/2012 08:53 PM
Subject:        Agenda for 2012-01-11

Chair: Steven Pemberton
Start Time: 11:00am Eastern US (15:00Z, but back to 16:00Z during US 
Standard Time)
Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference 93676 ("XFORM")
Duration: 60 minutes

Previous Minutes

Minute takers rotation list, when not done by Leigh:
Uli, Kurt, Erik, John, Nick, Steven

Action Items and Tracker


* = be ready to discuss
+ = discuss time permitting

Administrative Issues

- XForms Basic 1.0
Needs to be published as note.  Any changes needed to patent policy?

- Fix our shortname issue

News and XForms Implementations

W3C Document Reviews

XForms Implementor Questions

* repeat and events

XForms Author Questions

- Submission namespace inclusion should recognize QName data nodes
Needs owner

- Repeats and web service submissions don't work well together
Needs owner

- C. M. Sperberg-McQueen observation on tabbed interfaces, focus, etc
Discussed 2011-04-27 but
still need someone to dis-entangle the issues and see what's 1.1/2.0/3.0

+ Move selected items from one select drop down to another one
Is this done?

+ XForms initialization use case

XForms 1.1 Issues
- Improving the XForms 1.1 test suite

- XForms 1.1 and XHTML+XForms1.1 XSD Schemas
Owen Newnan has handed off his work
Philip Fennel (was Leigh Klotz) to pick up

Advancing XForms for HTML / XForms for XHTML

+ XHTML + XForms Validator

- XHTML + XForms
- Leigh has action to write goals document from Cambridge F2F minutes
-- Goals
-- Assertions
-- Examples
-- Test Suite

- Rationalization of XForms for HTML, RDFa, and ARIA

+ XHTML + XForms Schema Update
Needs directory created (2010?)
Needs Leigh's updates for RNC schema agreement with errata
C.M. Sperberg McQueen asks that consider taking out the IDRefs

- XForms 1.1 and XHTML+XForms1.1 RelaxNG Schemas
Possibly need to produce a strict schema (maximal restriction of known
interoperable usage) and a lax schema (for extensions).  Vendors will
customize the strict schema to show what their implementations support,
but not customize the lax schema.

- Update TheMatrix

XForms 2.0

* Identifying Application State (TAG)

* submission/@replace="text"

* Encoded as text

* XForms 2.0 and XPath

* Why is https: optional?

* Variables in XForms

* Use of xslt:output attributes in submission

* Made basic event properties available for the event() function

* JSON/mediatypes/src/replace

* Geolocation API Level 2 to Last Call

* Expand data model of ref to an arbitrary sequence

* Custom XPath functions in XForms

* Custom event context

* Added optional id parameter to the context function

* Added iterate attribute section to the XForms 2.0 spec

* 7.9.5 Serialization as application/xml

+ JSON Instances
Most recent messages:
Need to get wiki write up started.

+ transform function module
and new

+ Schematron validation (via transform)

+ label/@xml:lang, label/@model
Discuss these remaining parts of Kurt Cagle's label/@for proposal.

+ Constraint-based alerts and MIP name, type, etc.

+ Note 2 on XForms 1.1 computational dependency definition. 
are we done with this (ask John Boyer)

+ node creation functions

+ XPath 2.0
Status report from Nick van den Bleeken.

+ Text Annotations
Status report from Dan McCreary

+ Tree Controls
Status report from Dan McCreary

- Eventable and Presented
Are we dropping this?

+ base64 encoding for HTTP Basic Authentication - a gap in the XForms 
function library? (RFE)
Updated info:

+ eBMS Submission

- Making XForms 2.0 more RESTful: submission URI Templates and matrix URIs

+ Dealing with HTTP response entities when response code is not 200 series

+ XSLT Action Proposal from Claudius Teodorescu
Old thread:
New action, now includes XProc

* node creation function use cases
John asks for node creation function use cases.

* Bidirectional value conversion

* Error Handling

+ Improved UI Events

+ model/@src use cases
Are we dropping this in favor of subforms?

- Submit and Trigger Availability during (multiple) submissions

- The case for multiple XForms labels in a control

+ XML Events: proposal to extend filtering on the event phase

- Better upload facilities
-- Instant upload submission to server
-- Easier handling of multiple uploads
-- Easier extraction of an upload back to the end-user context
-- Easier request to display an upload
-- Better control of metadata associated with upload data
-- multiple upload control?
-- download?

+ Access Control / Cross-site requests ; Uniform Messaging Policy, Level 
Needs owner

XForms 3.0

- XQuery+XForms


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