Re: XSLT extension action - continued


* What do you think of the name 'transform' for the action?

When Uli proposed this name, I very agreed with it, as it seemed to me as 
appropriate for XSLT transformations. But this was until I found out that other 
data processing can be made in browser, namely:
a. Brett Zamir made XDIB, an integration of Sedna XMLDB in a Firefox plugin, 
allowing users to do XQuery processing;
b. the project eDIB, which I started, allowing XQuery and XProc processing.
This is why I thought of 'process' name for the action, as being more general 
and comprehensive.

* Isn't 'ref' a better name for the 'output' attribute (to be conform with the 
rest of XForms)?
* (not sure if this one) What do you think of 'origin' instead of input (to be 
consistent with insert action).

In the context of a 'process' action, allowing XSLT, XQuery, or XProc data 
processing, I think that 'input' and 'output' are more adequate, being on their 
turn more general, For instance, they could support a reference to a URL in an 
eXist instance located on the client machine (as is the case with eDIB project), 
and this doesn't seem to me as being in the spirit or 'ref' and 'origin' 
attributes. Once again, English isn't my native language, so that is possible 
for me  to miss some of its subtleties; this is the reason why I asked on this  

* Personally I like the parameters attribute (we could also use this approach if 
we decide to also add a transform() function), but wouldn't it be more form 
author friendly to support (also) param child elements which have 'name', 'ref'  
and 'value' attributes? 

This is a very nice idea, thank you.

Some questions:
* Are you supporting the 'context' attribute on this action?


*What is the use of the processor attribute?

'Processor' attribute allows implementation to differentiate the various 
processors that can be used to the XSLT, XQuery, or XProc processing.
I mentioned above of two different processors (XDIB and eDIB) but, on the other 
hand, Alain Couthures said on Tweeter that he is thinking of XQuery in the 
browser, implemented in Javascript, and I am also thinking that someone could 
make some nice plugins with Saxon and/or Calabash (for instance), in order to 
allow users to do these types of data processing in browser.



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