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ACTION-1854 Nick van den Bleeken to describe initialization value use cases and ask Erik Bruchez to do the same

ACTION-1857 Leigh Klotz to ask Erik Bruchez about

Added Attribute Value Template support to XForms 2.0

Added variables to XForms 2.0 wiki spec [please review]

Agenda for 2011-01-18

Agenda for 2012-01-04

Agenda for 2012-01-11

Agenda for 2012-01-25

appearance on help, label, hint

Draft minutes for 2012-01-04

Draft minutes for 2012-01-11

Draft minutes for 2012-01-18

Draft minutes for 2012-01-25

Future of XBL

Happy New Year 2012

Last call announcement: CSS Basic User Interface Module Level 3 (css3-ui)

P-code machine in XForms


Regrets reminder Re: Agenda for 2012-01-11

Regrets this week and next

Regrets, Re: Agenda for 2011-01-18

Repeats and events

Tabs and application state use case

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