XForms 2.0 and XPath

I propose that we drop XPath 1.0 from the XForms 2.0 specification.   An 
XForms 2.0 processor can certainly support XPath 1.0 in its XForms 1.1 
mode, but I believe we should expend no more group effort describing the 
behavior of XForms 2.0 with XForms 1.1.

We have enough work to get XForms 2.0 out the door, and XPath 2.0 became 
a W3C Recommendation in 2007.

We've worked out a lot of the practical issues of supporting XPath 1.0 
with XForms 2.0, but the spec-level precision necessary makes for some 
uncomfortable sections and restrictions, and is currently hampering 
discussion on other topics.


Received on Friday, 2 December 2011 18:38:03 UTC