Attached: draft XSDs to validate XForms 1.1 instances hosted with XHTML 1.0.

This is to share with you draft schemas to validate XForms applications.

I have mailed information about these schemas in recent days to both the W3C
www-forms-editor and XSLTForms support mailing lists.  I today discovered
that "for greater convenience to the community in the  future, the working
group is taking action to define a working group note that specifically
targets validation of XHTML with
  Therefore, please consider the attached an interim implementation until
W3C issues the note, or possibly a contribution to that note..

Clearly an integration with the XHTML 2 modular schemas would be desirable
but I had issues getting them to work with my tools, hence the 1.0
integration.  Perhaps it would be helfpul to provide more than one profile?

The XForms 1.1 specification says ""A host language is expected to add
attributes such as xml:lang as well as an attribute, named class, that holds
a list of strings that can be matched by CSS class selectors."  However, the
XForms 1.1 schema does not include a class attribute.  The intention seems
to be that this attribute will be supplied via the host language
integration.  The approached used in the attached is to use the XForms
schema verbatim--so it is not modified from a copyright perspective--and
then redefines it so it incorporates the XHTML UI attributes.

Testing this script suggests there may be error(s) in the XForms 1.1 schema..
 The specification states "Core form controls always have labels directly
associated with them as child elementsó this is a key feature designed to
enhance accessibility" [where core forms are listed at]."  However, it appears
in some cases the schema requires labels for non core form controls where
the spec does not, e.g., for case and group.  Thus, a label is required for
the case element per the schema; but there are examples of it in the spec
without labels.

FYI, I also attached an ant script to validate XForms instances using the


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Received on Sunday, 29 November 2009 19:41:32 UTC