XForms' transform function

I have been experimenting with demonstrating Schematron validation within XForms by the use of the proposed transform function. I have been using XSLTForms beta3 and have a rather limited example which uses the textual result from the XSLT 1.0 skeleton implementation. Seeing as XSLTForms' transform function returns a string serialization of the result of the transform I cannot use the SVRL representation of a Schematron report which would, if available as an XML tree, provide more options for presentation and logic/behavior than the basic text report. However, it does prove that it can work all be it that the 'complied' schema can only be accessed via a URI.

I am still looking for an implementation that'll firstly let me store the compiled schema in an XForms instance and ultimately allow me to daisy-chain the compilation transforms, across an number of instances, so that I can create a Schematron rules editor in XForms and have the schema compiled and applied to a test source document upon DOMSubtreeModified events dispatched from the schema instance. The nearest option I can currently see working is to use Orbeon's xxforms:call-xpl() function and implement the Schematron compilation pipeline externally to XForms but that's not what I'm after.

I have attached the fledgling form so that you can see the string of instances I'll in order to compile the schema. It's all rather a hack at the moment but I'm planning on making it look a bit more presentable.


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