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Hi Philip,

Just curious whether you are considering only "full" schematron 
validation, or whether you are also considering support for "type library" 
schematron validation.
A type library provides datatype definitions that can be applied to 
instance data nodes via the type MIP (model item property).
It's probably no big deal if an implementation already provides an XML 
schema way of building type libraries, but like I said ... just curious.

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From:   Philip Fennell <>
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Date:   05/10/2011 09:07 AM
Subject:        XForms' transform function
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I have been experimenting with demonstrating Schematron validation within 
XForms by the use of the proposed transform function. I have been using 
XSLTForms beta3 and have a rather limited example which uses the textual 
result from the XSLT 1.0 skeleton implementation. Seeing as XSLTForms' 
transform function returns a string serialization of the result of the 
transform I cannot use the SVRL representation of a Schematron report 
which would, if available as an XML tree, provide more options for 
presentation and logic/behavior than the basic text report. However, it 
does prove that it can work all be it that the 'complied' schema can only 
be accessed via a URI.

I am still looking for an implementation that'll firstly let me store the 
compiled schema in an XForms instance and ultimately allow me to 
daisy-chain the compilation transforms, across an number of instances, so 
that I can create a Schematron rules editor in XForms and have the schema 
compiled and applied to a test source document upon DOMSubtreeModified 
events dispatched from the schema instance. The nearest option I can 
currently see working is to use Orbeon's xxforms:call-xpl() function and 
implement the Schematron compilation pipeline externally to XForms but 
that's not what I'm after.

I have attached the fledgling form so that you can see the string of 
instances I'll in order to compile the schema. It's all rather a hack at 
the moment but I'm planning on making it look a bit more presentable.


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