Agenda for 2011-07-13

(Whoops! Forgot Leigh was away, sorry for belatedness)

Chair: Steven Pemberton
Start Time: 11:00am Eastern US (15:00Z, but back to 16:00Z during US
Standard Time)
Zakim Bridge +1.617.761.6200, conference 93676 ("XFORM")
Duration: 60 minutes

Previous Minutes

Minute takers rotation list, when not done by Leigh:
Dan, Steven, Uli, Kurt, Erik, John, Nick

Action Items and Tracker


* = be ready to discuss
+ = discuss time permitting

Administrative Issues

* Scribe

* Summer Schedule gz3f7miaq3zubg5v

* SF Bay Area FtF/Editorial Meeting Planning
- August 29-31, 2011, in SF Bay Area.
- Possible agenda topics
- labels and appearance (Kurt Cagle)
- XBL2
- XPath 2.0 (Nick van den Bleeken)
- AVT (Erik Bruchez)

- XForms Basic 1.0
Needs to be published as note.  Any changes needed to patent policy?

- Fix our shortname issue

- HTML/XHTML Compatibility Authoring Guidelines to FPWG
Leigh to review for group comment?

News and XForms Implementations

XForms Implementor Questions

* Test suite 7.10.2.b

+ XForms and HTML5
and follow-ons

Form Author Questions
* Move selected items from one select drop down to another one

XForms 1.1 Issues
- Improving the XForms 1.1 test suite

- XForms 1.1 and XHTML+XForms1.1 XSD Schemas
Owen Newnan has handed off his work
Philip Fennel (was Leigh Klotz) to pick up

Advancing XForms for HTML / XForms for XHTML

+ XHTML + XForms Validator

- XHTML + XForms
- Leigh has action to write goals document from Cambridge F2F minutes
-- Goals
-- Assertions
-- Examples
-- Test Suite

- Rationalization of XForms for HTML, RDFa, and ARIA

+ XHTML + XForms Schema Update
Needs directory created (2010?)
Needs Leigh's updates for RNC schema agreement with errata
C.M. Sperberg McQueen asks that consider taking out the IDRefs

- XForms 1.1 and XHTML+XForms1.1 RelaxNG Schemas
Current status is that Philip Fennell is using NVDL to integrate
Changes requested by Erik Bruchez not yet reviewed.
Possibly need to produce a strict schema (maximal restriction of known
interoperable usage) and a lax schema (for extensions).  Vendors will
customize the strict schema to show what their implementations support,
but not customize the lax schema.

- Update TheMatrix

XForms 1.2

* Added case() function and moved text about extra dependencies introduced  
by index()

* Updated XPath 2.0 Expression Module

* XPath nodes that don't belong to an instance

+ JSON Instances
Most recent messages:

* Deprecate extension

+ transform function module

+ Schematron validation (via transform)

+ label/@for, @appearance
Waiting on Kurt Cagle proposal.

+ Constraint-based alerts and MIP name, type, etc.

- XQuery+XForms

+ Note 2 on XForms 1.1 computational dependency definition. Short-circuting
Discuss when John Boyer is next here.

+ node creation functions

+ XPath 2.0
Continue Discussion led by Nick van den Bleeken if desired

+ dialog
Any input from betterForm for design of dialog?

+ Text Annotations

+ Tree Controls

- Eventable and Presented
What is the status?

+ XForms 1.2 Category
Pick of the items below (or in the category) and discuss for n minutes.

+ base64 encoding for HTTP Basic Authentication - a gap in the XForms
function library? (RFE)
Updated info:

+ XForms 1.2 regex and REPLACE functions

+ eBMS Submission

+ C. M. Sperberg-McQueen observation on tabbed interfaces, focus, etc
Discussed 2011-04-27 but
still need someone to dis-entangle the issues and see what's 1.1/1.2/2.0

- Making XForms 1.2 more RESTful: submission URI Templates and matrix URIs

- Dealing with HTTP response entities when response code is not 200 series

+ XSLT Action Proposal from Claudius Teodorescu
Old thread:
New action, now includes XProc

+ @iterate
Continue discussing from last month weeks ago

+ Improved UI Events

+ model/@src use cases
Awaiting proposals (XBL2 profile, XI, others) from Leigh, Erik, John,

+ XForms initialization use case

- Submit and Trigger Availability during (multiple) submissions

- The case for multiple XForms labels in a control

+ XML Events: proposal to extend filtering on the event phase

- Better upload facilities
-- Instant upload submission to server
-- Easier handling of multiple uploads
-- Easier extraction of an upload back to the end-user context
-- Easier request to display an upload
-- Better control of metadata associated with upload data
-- multiple upload control?
-- download?

+ Access Control / Cross-site requests ; Uniform Messaging Policy, Level
Is John Boyer willing to take this on?

- Submission namespace inclusion should recognize QName data nodes
Needs owner

- Repeats and web service submissions don't work well together
Needs owner


XForms 2.0

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