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Hi John,

This module is indeed generated from Spec XML.

I Updated the text, but shouldn't we recommend an XPath 2.0 engine if one is available to maximize compatibility between.

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On 30 Jun 2011, at 23:34, John Boyer wrote:

Hi Nick,

I would've made the suggested changes below on the wiki, but it actually looks like this this module is being done with spec xml?

Wording looks good overall.

I'd recommend getting rid of the "note" aspect and just make this another paragraph.  Some readers of W3C specs (not equal to me) have interpreted notes as informative rather than normative, whereas we're using the word "may" to indicate a legitimate implementation option.

Second, I'd recommend the sentence be rearranged a bit to enable you to change from "engine" to "implementation" and also to formally specref XPath 1.0 and XPath 2.0 in the sentence as you go.  Like this:

If XPath 1.0 compatibility mode is requesed, an XForms processor may use either an XPath 1.0 implementation [XPath 1.0] or an XPath 2.0 implementaiton in XPath 1.0 compatibility mode [XPath 2.0].

Then your following sentence that starts "Be aware that some expressions..." could instead just start as "Some expressions...".  It is tempting to make that sentence a note, but best not to because your final sentence says something normative again, namely that exceptions can happen.

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I updated the XPath expression module.

I added the node creation functions to the module and added the follwing note to the xpath-version attribute:


If an XForm processor has no access to an XPath 2.0 engine, an XPath 1.0 engine may be used if XPath 1.0 compatibility mode is requested. Be aware that some expressions can't be executed with an XPath 1.0 engine and that some functions defined in [Functions and Operators] may be missing if an XPath 1.0 engine is used. If the XPath 1.0 engine can't evaluate the expression an xforms-compute-exception<>XF or an xforms-binding-exception<>XF will be dispatched.

The full version is available at [1] and a diff marked version is available at [2]

Comments are welcome.

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