HTML/XHTML Compatibility Authoring Guidelines to FPWG

This document will be moving to FPWD.  We should review it.  It looks like a rough first draft.

Here are some issues I note right off, mostly of style and scope, without reference to accuracy of the intended content.

- It immplies that validation and parsing are the same;.  It's crucial in a document mennt to provide authoring guidelines to make clear the difference between well-formed XML, XML valid according to some type of schema, and HTML5-compliant tagsoup parsing. Otherwise authors have no principles to fall back on to undertstand what's going wrong when things fail.

- The abstract claims that it summarizes guidelines for authors, and lists the various things which it does not define, yet it later has Normative and non-Normative sections.  If it has Normative definitions, it needs to state the scope for which it is the normative definition, and provide a conformance section.  Likely this document is in fact a set of guidelines that have no conformance, no scope of authoritative definition, and hence will have no normative sections.

- MAY is highted as rfc2119 in section 3, yet section 3 is non-normative. This pattern is repeated throughout.


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The HTML Working Group requests transition of the HTML/XHTML Compatibility Authoring Guidelines Editor's Draft to a First Public Working Draft.

Document Title: HTML/XHTML Compatibility Authoring Guidelines
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We request approval of a new document title and shortname.

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