Feedback on XForms 1.1 RNG schema

All and especially Leigh,

Here are a few feedback items on the RNG schema for XForms 1.1. (I
hope I have a reasonably recent version of the schemas.)

1. xforms.model.attrib

This references xforms.Events.attrib. I am not sure why this is the
case, since xforms:model is not an event handler.

2. xforms.trigger.content, and many other places

This requires that xforms.label precedes xforms.UI.Common.content. Do
we really want to enforce that the label is first? E.g. shouldn't this
be valid:

  <xforms:setvalue ev:event="DOMActivate" .../>
  <xforms:label>Click me</xforms:label>

A simple RNG "interleave" would take care of that.

3. xforms.dispatch.attrib

This explicitly refers to xforms.Events.attrib, which is not needed
since xforms.Events.attrib is already implied by

4. xforms.dispatch.attrib

There is a comment saying that the "delay" attribute is deprecated,
but I don't think this is true.

5. xforms.repeat.content,,

These elements reference xforms.UI.Inline.content. But the content of
repeat, group and case is typically different from
xforms.UI.Inline.content, which is used within label, help, hint and
alert. Another top-level definition should be created for the content
of repeat, group and case.

6. xforms.label.content

This differs from help, hint and alert, in that label only refers to
xforms.label.Text.content. Any reason for this? I think "LHHA"
elements (label, help, hint, alert) should all be the same.


Received on Wednesday, 27 January 2010 05:35:23 UTC